LKT 60

With its parameters and power (wheelbase 2.5 m and power 90 kW), the LKT 60 will find application mainly in educational logging for and partly also in restoration interventions. The size and weight of the machine LKT 60 are close to the primary type LKT 81 T, but its technology and features meet the latest requirements. In comparation to other models or brands, LKT 60 has a huge the advantage thanks to its low weight and pressure on the forest soil especially in national parks, flysch areas.

Extraction and approach will be provided by a double-drum winch 2×8 tons and assortment will be facilitated by a combined hydraulic double finger on the blade. The design with a short and light hydraulic arm up to 6 meters can be optimally used in the case of pulling logs using horsepower or iron horses, the assembly of the load and approach can be done using a hydraulic arm and a clamp on the rear shield. Great time savings in the operation of assembling the load and the actual handling of the wood. Logging with the help of a hydraulic arm, ensures space saving in the valley forest warehouses and transport points and increase cleanliness of the handled logs.
  • Safety cab with a modern design provides greater operating comfort and allows an ideal view and better material handling.

  • Two hydraulic articulations cylinders extend service life, improve stability and strength of the machine.

  • Possibility of a remote control for driving and steering simplifies the operation of the machine and increases safety at work.

Engine CUMMINS, F3.8, 90 kW, STG V.
Type diesel, 4-stroke with turbocharger
Fuel tank 90 l
Type fully hydraulical servo steering, articulation of half frames by means of 2 (two) hydraulic pistons
Control steering wheel with emergency steering
Type hydrostatic DANFOSS
Gearbox two-gears DANA
Mode work/ travel
Max speed 38 km/h
Producer DANA
Differential disc differential locking – electro-hydraulicaly operated
Service brakes disc operation brakes with SAFIM brake valves, electro-hydraulical parking brake
Front axle fixed
Rear axle  fixed
Size 480/65-28
Certification ROPS, FOPS, OPS
Seat mechanical suspension
Type 2x 60 kN electro-hydraulicaly operated, double drum, free unwinching of the rope
Drive hydromotor DANFOSS
Winch power 60 kN
Winching speed 0,8 m/sec. max
Rope – diameter/length 12 mm/90 m al. 13 mm/75 m
Front blade
Rear shield
tiltable, hydraulicaly operated with high pedestal, guiding rollers and safety archs  
pivoting of the frames through axial bearing with possible hydraulic locking  
Hydraulic work pump
displacement 90 cm3/rev
Hydraulic tank
100 l  
Hydraulic working pressure
200 bar  
Electrical system
Voltage 24 V
Alternator 70A/28V
Baterries 12V/50Ah, 2 pcs
Starter 4 kW/24V
7 500 kg  
LxWxH: 5.830 x 2.500 x 2.920 mm  

  • 2х80 kN, ceramic discs, manual drive gear operated electro-hydraulically, max winching speed 0,8 m/s (rope diameter/lenght: 12mm/90m or 13mm/75m)
Rear shield

  • tilting, rocker arm system, low pedestal with guiding rollers and protection arcs
  • tilting, rocker arm system, low pedestal, with spherical guiding rollers, protection arcs and rotating stake
  • tilting, rocker arm system, low pedestal, with spherical guiding rollers, protection arcs
  • tilting, rocker arm system, low pedestal, with spherical guiding rollers, protection arcs and rotating stake
  • tilting, rocker arm system, with spherical guiding rollers and clampbunk
Hydraulic crane

  • Hydraulic crane LIV 60T.56 with a reach of 5,6 m with the possibility of folding the hand into transport position with working pressure up to 210 bar, including support frame, hydraulic coupling and electrohydraulic controls in operators’ cabin
  • lights (2 pcs) on the boom
  • Drapák GO 022 – for small size log
  • Drapák GO 026 – for middle size log
  • Drapák GO 037 – for big log sizes
Front blade

  • hydraulic pliers on the front blade: designed for gripping logs and assortments during handling wood, electrically operated by joystick
  • toolboxes on the front blade – storage boxes – 2 pcs
Tyres incl. rims

  • Nokian 540/65 – 28
  • Anti-slip chains with diameter 12mm – pair
  • Anti-slip chains with diameter 14mm – pair
Remote control

  • TERRA FUNK FA5 (start – stop system, winch control, throttle regulation)
  • TERRA FUNK FA7 (start – stop system, travel control of machine, winches, rear shield and throttle regulation)

  • rotating workstation – seat with air suspension, heating, electrical swivelling, 2 joysticks, pedals in the front and in the rear
  • mechanical swivelling seat
  • seat with air suspension and heating
  • aircondition Webasto with independent cooler and ventilator
  • radio with CD and USB port, 2 reproductors
  • cab protection with protective iron grid
    • rear window
    • front side windows 2x
    • rear side window 1x
    • upper part of door 1x
    • lower part of door 1x
  • light ramp on the cab – working LED lighting (4×2)
  • safety bars on cabin
  • engine preheating (heating of circulating cooling system)

  • working pump 130 cm3/min
  • working pump 147 cm3/ot
  • coupler for trailer 10t
  • hydraulic coupler – hydraulic quick couplings (for powering of attachments as: milling cutters, mulchers, drive and braking of the trailer)
  • fuel flow meter
  • hydraulic oil – BIO oil instead of mineral oil
Attachments to LKT 60

  • Type 1042 – w/o crane, short shaft for use with LKT equipped with crane, payload 10 t, drive 2×4
Grapple saw

  • grapple saw GMT 035 – diameter of wood up to 35 cm
  • rotator – indexator 6 chambers – for quicker cutting
  • quick coupling system between grapple saw and grab
Cutting head

  • cutting head Naarva Grip K 25 – diameter of wood up to 25 cm
  • control unit Naarva Grip
Double disc cutter

Technical information LKT 60

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